Sanctification and Painting??

Lauren and I are on Winter Break this week. She has been asking(nagging) me to paint her room, because...
it needs it.
Bought the paint, prepared the room yesterday morning, she finally rolled out of bed to help, about 10 minutes into the project I remembered why I hate to paint.

A half hour later one ten year old is say, "I'm quitting, I hate to paint." Remember this was her idea and I told her it was hard work. We were tripping over one another, stepping on paper that had paint on it, then it would stick to our feet...

Of course I had to go into "mother mode" saying, you're not quitting because I'm not painting alone. We finally got our 'groove on'(what generation am I from?), found a way to work together after lunch and another cup of coffee and found our smiles. Mind you while we're painting I hear in the background,"Lord make me like you." I had music playing.

Five hours, two coats of paint, clothes I have to throw out(mine), we were saying job well done, Lauren was quite a trooper. After pictures coming soon.

8 thoughts on “Sanctification and Painting??

  1. Love, love, love the color! Great choice, Lauren!! I'm not fond of painting either, but it is repetitive, mindless work that is so rewarding when it's finished – and good music makes everything better! Looking forward to the photos…

  2. So does this mean you're not going to help me when we get to Nick's room? 🙂 Glad you were able to get Lauren's room done in one day. That is great!!

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