Lauren and a friend at a park we went to this week, deep in conversation.

Justin and his ‘new’ to him truck. He has waited a long time and worked very hard to get the truck he has wanted for a couple of years.

Part of the deal I have made with Lauren this summer is that we have to do our work and chores each day before we can go out and have some fun. I made a list for her, typed it up and she hung it on the frig. She has worked very hard this week without even being told. I thought it was only fair for me to have my own ‘list’, so I started on it today. I cleaned out a ‘junk’ cupboard that needed some attention. I took a before picture, but forgot the after. I did find the first gift Rob gave me after we became engaged…

…a cookbook bought from a door to door salesman…I wonder now if he thought I would need a lot of help.
Lauren modeling our yard sale fashion