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An Award

I had an interesting email tonight telling me my blog had won an award. Not sure exactly how I won, but I am in good company with some of the other blogs, one is Beth Moore’s personal blog, that won the same award. I am listed at #7, not sure about the title of the blog that is listed above me. ๐Ÿ™
You can check out the blog award page on my side bar. I’m just hoping it isn’t a scam or some type of spam. I did some research, so we shall see. I am also listed on another top 100 that was announced last year some time. I guess I have more readers than I thought. Thankful for all my faithful friends who stop by to see what is happening in my part of the world.

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  1. Elaine W. Miller

    Congrats! I think we have no idea the impact our words have to eyes we do not ever see. Your reward is in Heaven if not on the internet. Good for you, Jody. Bless you as you glorify Him with your blog. Hugs from Rome.

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