This summer I began walking at our local park where the town had paved a path around 2 ball fields and a small pond which when walked consecutively equalled a mile. I worked my way up to 3 miles by fall but…
It isn’t summer anymore
The paving of the path is one of the best things the town of Lafayette has done since we moved here.
I recently began jogging very slowly; think snail and turtle races
Deciding not to let a little snow or cold stop me I put on my pretty boots and off I went
My friend “Jillian”, I mean Ellen joined me who was not to be swayed by the snow or cold or her fellow walker who didn’t want to do three miles in heavy boots. But “Jillian”(think Biggest Loser) would have it no other way and we tromped the entire way.
I guess if I’m going to live in a winter wonderland five or so months out of the year it is time for me to embrace winter and buy some comfortable boots?, Under Armour, and possibly cross country skies.