We picked up Kelsey from JFK yesterday after a long trip over the ocean from Italy. She had a 12 hour layover in Germany. I snapped a few pictures on our way home and more this morning of the “goodies” she brought me.

The sun was shining right behind us, but wanted to take a picture before we got home.
Coffee/coffee pot used in Italy, drank three times a day. It is STRONG!
I don’t  normally use sugar in my coffee, but this is definitely a must.
Very small cups, not much is needed, my heart is racing as I write this post.
She discovered this in Italy, I won’t tell her you can buy it at the grocery store!
She brought me nic-nacs, a beautiful rose colored scarf, a green ring and
turquoise bracelet hanging on the little box.
And this candy-coated almonds, flavored with strawberry. I’m not much of a sweets person, but these are some of the best candy I’ve ever had.
Thanks Kelsey for everything, so glad you are home.