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The Art of Divine Contentment

While sitting at my husband’s office desk at church earlier this week,  I was looking over his many books. If you want to get an idea of what his office looks like you can see it here, that’s just a sampling. His favorites are some of the puritans and I found one I thought I would be able to read. He suggested I take the time to read the entire book because he knows it is my habit to say to him, “oh that book or books looks good can I borrow it?” Then a couple of days later it is laying in a pile unread so he could take it back to his office because ‘I just wasn’t interested’,   He didn’t mention that pet peeve in his tribute to me! Wonder why? Ha
Back to the book I found, The Art of Divine Contentment by Thomas Watson, c.1620-1686
It is a small hardcover book with only 133 pages. The chapters are only 2-3 pages and could be used as a devotional. I’m on chapter 8 and found early in the book this quote. This is a great little book.

“The Word must not only fall as dew that wets the leaf, but as rain which soaks to the root of the tree and makes it fruitful.”


  1. Edie

    Amen to that! I love your little book already!

  2. Lori

    I love those little quotes in small, readable books that don't take 3 months to read!

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