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Monday Morning News

I took a couple of days off for some news to sink in that came via the Fed Ex man on Monday.
Justin, who just turned 22, recently was moved from active status with the National Guard to reserve status. We all knew that it was a possibility he may be called to serve his country but I had moved that thought to the very far reaches of my brain.

Monday morning I signed for a big brown envelope that Mr. Fed Ex Man brought to our doorstep. It was from the Department of the Army, but I still gave no thought to what might be lurking inside.
Since Justin no longer lives here but still gets his mail here, we just put everything in a pile. This was a little different and we opened it to find a packet of information and orders for Justin activating him for duty. He reports June 7 and will be heading to the Middle East after that. I often hear the cliche’ how God can change your life within seconds, this time it wasn’t a phone call telling me I needed to get back to the midwest to see my dad, but the transfer of an envelope.

As we as a family continue to internalize all that will happen in the next few weeks, please pray for us. Thousands of families say good-bye to loved ones going off to war, but today it’s my loved one. God always has a plan, He is always sovereign and He is always good, one more opportunity to cling to Jesus. I will need your prayers though as I take this journey hanging tightly to the hand of God. I know it will not be easy but I am so proud of my son for answering the call without reservation.


  1. Jody

    Thank you Lori and Gigi

  2. Gigi

    Oh honey…I’ll be praying. For safety, for peace, for the presence of the Lord to be with you all. As the mother of two sons myself, I know the special bond you must share with your Justin. God bless.

  3. Lori

    I can’t imagine your emotions right now. We will cover Justin and all of you in prayer! ~L

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