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Thanksgiving/Justin in Iraq

Tonight wraps up a great few days of thankgiving and relaxing. We began our celebration Wednesday evening with a Thanksgiving service reminding ourselves to be thankful for everything whether it was finding a new doctor that could help when all hope was lost, being found by God and beginning a new life in Christ or for the everyday blessings of abundant food, clothing and shelter.
Our two older daughters were home from college, it was nice to have some noise in the house again.
Thanksgiving Day our home was warm and the food was more then we could eat in one meal.
I set the table for six because I couldn’t bear the sight of an empty place at the table. There were tears mixed in with the mashed potaoes as Justin had called while I was peeling them. The ache in my heart that afternoon was not for me but for him because I knew how bad he wanted to be home and wanted the day to just be overwith.
I have never appreciated until now what kind of sacrifice our soldiers make until it is my son/soldier making the sacrifice.
I write all this to ask as the Christmas celebrations begin I would stay focused on Christ, that he would be at the center of my life and celebrations. Yes, I miss my son, my heart is in the Middle East right now, but I never want to be so self-centered in any area of my life that I forget that my Redeemer lives and he really is the reason for the season.
Back to my book and the Hallmark movie that’s on tonight.


  1. Tamela's Place

    Hello Jody,

    So thankful for your Son and His service. If you wouldn't mind please let him know that your blogger friend Tamela sends her love and prayers His way as well as a heart full of appreciation for his service. Also i love his name that is our son's name and he is 22 years old.

    God bless you all 🙂

  2. Gigi

    Amen, amen, amen…may my eyes, mind and heart be ever fixed on Him Who came and died so that I might live eternally.

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