I am reading this book and partcipating in a conversation with other women’s ministry leaders. NL De Moss is a favorite author of mine and I appreciate the ministry she has had over the years, especially with Revive Our Hearts and The True Woman Movement.
In Choosing Gratitude-Your Journey To Joy I have been challenged anew to have a heart of gratitude in the good, but also asking myself if when ‘bumped’ does gratitude ooze out or whining and complaining.
I have spoken with many women who are chronically unhappy, ‘down’ or ‘depressed. The details and reasons vary, of course. But I have become increasingly convinced, after lots of these kinds of conversations, that one of the chief reasons behind a pervasive sense of blues and blahness is a failure to be thankful.” (p. 88)

The thing that awakens the deepest well of gratitude in a human being is that God has forgiven sin.” Oswald Chambers

Journey closer to the heart of God. Choose Gratitude(backcover)

I heartily recommend this book, especially as we approach Thanksgiving.
You can purchase the book here

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