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A Box of Crackers


the friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers. (

I'm of the opinion that hospitality can be practiced anywhere, not just in our homes, and may I suggest it can be practiced from our cars? A couple of weeks ago I was travelling with a friend to the Baltimore area. We were making good time, hoping to arrive at our destination with plenty of time to snooze, relax and have lunch. None of that would happen as we came to a standstill on highway 83 near Baltimore. We were not only stopped, I eventually shut the car off, for two and half hours..parked. You can imagine the frustration beginning to brew, not in our car because Shelley and I hadn't spent much time together lately, we both have kids about to graduate highschool and we always have something to talk about...not just our kids. People were getting out of the cars, none too happy, and definitely not in a hospitable mood. A young woman got out of her car next to us to talk to who we thought were state troopers walking by, only to hear them say they had no idea what was happening. They had on official uniforms, but not sure what their 'official' job was. Girl in the car next to us was beyond exasperated, which I could understand, but there was nothing we could do, there was no way to go forward or backward. As I was thinking, in a nice way of course, 'girl get back in your car, there's nothing you can do', I looked back to see she had two car seats in the back seat. One an infant, the other a toddler, arms flailing, feet kicking and none too happy about being strapped in a car seat for over two hours. There wasn't much that could be done, but we did have a bit of food along for the ride. I reached back to our stash, grabbed a box of crackers and handed to girl in the car. Toddler in the car was immediately happy and distracted for a few minutes. Shortly after that, we drove off into the sunset. This isn't a post to toot my own horn, but a reminder we can do unto others wherever we might find ourselves today. We can practice hospitality to our family, friends, but especially those we don't know or even people we wouldn't necessarily associate with. What could you do with a box of crackers?      

Vacation ’15

I was born and raised in Iowa and have been back to my first home to visit more times than I can count. My brother-in-law, Mike, who is the director for Marshall County Conservation, took our family to a place we have never been, and I was naive' to the fact it existed. Marietta Sand Prairie is only a few miles from the farm I grew up on. On our recent vacation, we walked through this protected sand prairie at sunset. It was the highlight of a hot and humid day.Sand prairie     Sand Prairie 4     Sand Prairie 5Hopefully, my sisters and mom won't mind having their pictures here.  I'm not much for selfies, but I couldn't resist these crazy girls that I love. Julie and Janet could be twins and I've often wondered if I was adopted. For those of you who know my extended family, you will often hear me say I got the Lynk's gene. And just a reminder about my beautiful hair... it was the end of a very hot and humid day!!!Sand Prairie 6 Sand Prairie 2Check back for more Vacation 2015 posts. I'm still recuperating from driving....well riding...1000 miles Monday into Tuesday morning. Rob put the pedal to the metal and we drove straight through. These two clowns kept us company. Vacation '15Do you know what the best part about coming back from vacation is? Vacation '15 1Finding money in the bottom of the dryer after doing the first vacation load of laundry.    

Dreaming About A Day

June 24, 2015~~I just returned from Rochester, NY where we dropped off Lauren to catch a flight to visit her brother Justin and his wife Melissa. Yes, she is flying alone, having to make not one, but two connections before she can land in Casper. Would you expect anything different from a Gates kid? Taking off on their own? Last night Kelsey surprised us by coming home a day early, last we heard she was stuck in St. Thomas I sat down at my desk to work on something else, and began reading last year's posts. This one is worth re-posting as I write another post about 'the dash.' 2014~~A very long time ago I dreamed about a day. A day like yesterday. Twenty-five plus years ago I was a twenty something mom of two babies twenty-one months apart. A vivid memory of wanting those days to rush by so I could have a day like I had yesterday. Justin and Hannah were great babies, but I felt like I had twins. Need I say anything else? Would June 3, 2014 every be a reality? As a single college student I floundered because all I wanted to do in life was be a wife and mother. Now that I was, with a third baby on the way making our family with three under the age of four, I wondered if I had chosen the right path. I love(d) being a mom but there were days I wanted to trade in my title for something...more. Several years later Lauren is the joy of my old age as she was born in my late thirties. The day in and day out of mothering is not for the faint of heart. To be the mom God has called you to be takes courage, perseverance and faith. Whether you stay at home as a mother, work full-time or part-time outside the home, parenting is a full-time job without many rewards you can put your hands on and feel. The trenches of motherhood are often dark, muddy and lonely wondering if the war will be won in the end. (as a side note Rob and I are watching Band of Brothers in honor of the 70th anniversary of D-day, so trenches are fresh in my mind). Trenches are where the real work is accomplished, often for long periods of time, and I often wondered if I would ever emerge, leaving the mud for good. A day like yesterday began when on the spur of the moment I  took off for Albany to visit one of my babies who will turn 23 in a couple of weeks. Since my older three no longer live at home the times of one on one conversation are limited. We ventured into a food co-op where all the food is grown locally and freshly baked or made. Off to Trader Joes to scope out a store my daughters love, I sure hope it's true there's one coming to Syracuse. Lunch was at a an out of the way coffee shop where we were able to take our time, having an adult conversation. Before I turned my car in the direction of home we made a quick stop at another coffee shop where she bought me iced coffee for the road. I really do not like the saying that is said to young moms far too often...The quote is far too cliche' for me and does not begin to encompass all that motherhood is.
You better enjoy your kids while they are home, because you blink and they are adults.
I did enjoy them while they were little, the teen years were fun but....and the college years kept me on my knees. But the reward I spoke of earlier in this post, of emerging from the trenches, took the form of a day like yesterday. Those days do come to an end, and the sun is shining on top of the hill of motherhood with a day like yesterday possible for all moms. So press on mom with three little ones, press on mom who is running a taxi everyday, press on mom who has two full time jobs, press on mom whose last child is making you an empty nester. Press on mom... ...a day like yesterday is in your future.
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