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The Best $.99 Spent

Over a year ago I saw an ad for a new book being released in 2014, The Measure of Success:Uncovering the Biblical Perspective on Women, Work and the Home by Carolyn McCulley with Nora Shanks. My initial reaction to another book about women for women written by women was “O great, another book for women about women… Read More The Best $.99 Spent

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What Road?

Thanks to a book and a sermon I have been knee deep in what it means to follow Jesus. defines follow this way to accept as a guide or leader; accept the authority of or give allegiance to orto go or come after a person or thing in motion. Do I want to walk the same road with Christ? In the book Follow Me by David Platt, the question of what it really means to follow Jesus is answered. I… Read More What Road?