God's Word, Lose Your Life

Mixed on Monday

The wind is howling, the snow blowing. It was a treacherous ride to school this morning. I needed a reminder that spring will appear again…someday. We’re still studying Psalm 119 in our women’s Sunday School class which always leads to great conversation and cross references. One of our verses was Psalm 119:113 I hate double-minded… Read More Mixed on Monday

Faith Intersects Life

Loving 51

The promised blog post on our trip to Tampa for General Council was sent to the trash bin because my pictures are not loading. Blaming it on a new camera that are not compatible with my computer…yet. As we sat around the table on Father’s Day everyone was present. It was a great day when… Read More Loving 51

Book Reviews & Blogging


I received Uncompromising- A Heart Claimed by a Radical Love in the mail a few days ago and was anxious to what read what young author Hannah Farver could tell me about compromise. I was pleasantly surprised to find before I cracked the front cover she is in good company by the acknowledgements and endorsements written on the back… Read More Uncompromising