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Motley Monday

My flowers refusing to say good-bye to summer. flowers

For our Labor Day cookout we had these gems. You can't find them anywhere else, least I never heard of them until we moved to central New York.  The potatoes are boiled with a cup of salt added to the water, which comes with the potatoes. I don't use all of the salt. Can I say...not healthy? Salt Potatoes 2

I try to use all leftovers. These made great fried potatoes.salt potatoes

saltpotatoes1 My heart melts EVERY.TIME. I see this picture of Justin and his beautiful wife Melissa. They are loving life in Wyoming. Who wouldn't? We miss them so much, but with these smiles we know they are where God wants them and they are happy. That's what I want for the four beautiful children God has gifted us follow and love Him and to be happy and joyful in whatever they are doing. Justin and melissa  

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