Not to be Outdone

Hannah will soon be returning from her three months of travel in Europe. I think about her a lot because there isn't much contact with her these days as she makes her way through many of the western Europe countries. As I thought about her travels, my brain went down memory lane, wondering how many states I had been in...not European countries. Not to be outdone by Hannah and her travel abroad, here's my list...stateside.
  • Alabama~NO
  • Alaska~NO
  • Arizona~My first visit to this great state was in 1982 when I went to visit my future husband, although there would be two breakups before he would decide I was the one for him. In the past 28 years I have spent a lot of time in this great state, but still haven't seen the Grand Canyon.
  • Arkansas
  • California~Rob and I were married in November and didn't have much time for a honeymoon. The following June we travelled to Arizona, deciding to drive to Disneyland for our honeymoon. You didn't hear it from me that my  husband of yet not a year invited his grandmother to go with us to which she answered a hearty yes. She did have her own room, but I"m thinkin' he still owes me.
  • Colorado~Family vacation during my teen years riding in the waaaaay back seat of a wood panel station wagon.
  • Connecticut~ Justin went to Baran's Institute here where he trained as a diesel mechanic and we spent time with him before he moved back to NY.
  • Delaware~Drove through, but never stopped, is there something to see in Delaware?
  • Florida~Went to a conference in Tampa this past summer, spending almost a week in this very hot state.
  • Georgia~NO
  • Hawaii~NO
  • Idaho~NO
  • Illinois~Spent way too many hours on Interstate 80 and the rest stops that are few and far between. I have flown in and out of Chicago, and have visited my husband's birth place.
  • Indiana~Lived here for six years and visited missions organizations during my college years. I love to travel back to this home of my heart, visiting life long friends.
  • Iowa~Born and raised here, one of my favorite states.
  • Kansas~Lived here for five years, two of my kids were born here.
  • Kentucky~Vacationed here with friends almost 20 years ago.
  • Louisiana~NO
  • Maine~NO
  • Maryland~Drove through going to Virginia and Tennessee
  • Massachusetts~Drove through on our way to New Hampshire.
  • Michigan~When living in Northern Indiana, we weren't far from the Michigan border, we did some shopping here
  • Minnesota~My grandparents owned a lake cabin where I spent summer vacations as a girl and teenager.
  • Mississippi~NO
  • Missouri~Travelled through her for five years going back and forth between Iowa and Kansas.
  • Montana~NO
  • Nebraska~Visited friends and participated in their weddings during my college years
  • Nevada~NO
  • New Hampshire~Spent a weekend in Nashua while Rob officiated at the wedding of friends.
  • New Jersey~Drove through when we visited New York City,
  • New Mexico~When we took a train trip from Indiana to Arizona the train stopped here and I got off and bought a handmade necklace from a native american. Went to the Albuquerque Hot Air Balloon Fest with Hannah in 2014.
  • New York~I have lived here since 1996 my other favorite state.
  • North Carolina~NO
  • North Dakota~NO
  • Ohio~Drove through here many times travelling from NY to the Midwest.
  • Oklahoma~Spent a week here when Justin graduated from boot camp at Fort Sill.
  • Oregon~NO
  • Pennsylvania~Visited and travelled through.
  • Rhode Island~NO
  • South Carolina~NO
  • South Dakota~Vacationed here as a teenager, visiting Mount Rushmore and the Black Hills.
  • Tennessee~Vacationed here, one of my top 5 favorite states behind Iowa and New York.
  • Texas~Helped move my sister to her first job in Dallas a long time ago. Almost got lost in the big city of Dallas.
  • Utah~NO
  • Vermont~NO
  • Virginia~Dear friends now live here whom I have visited. Vacationed at Williamsburg and spent a few hours at Virginia Beach.
  • Washington~NO
  • Washington, D.C.~Yep, I know it's not a state, but have vacationed here and want to go back to the Holocaust Museum.
  • West Virginia~Drove through on my way to Virginia and Tennessee.
  • Wisconsin~Attended several conferences here.
  • Wyoming~NO
That was a fun jaunt down memory lane. Fun to find out I have visited over half of the United States.  

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