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Lovely Ladies of Lafayette Alliance

  These pictures are priceless. Images of followers of Jesus I am honored to know. IMG_1968   Fall Refocus is our Great Commission Women's fall retreat that I usually attend, but it fell on the weekend of our week long missions conference...and Lauren and Rob's birthday.IMG_1978   This one needs no explanation!!IMG_1976   The next two were taken at our Second Saturday meetings, held...well every second Saturday of the month. IMG_2112   IMG_2117   Katie...love her...she's having 3 cups of coffee!!IMG_2229   Becky, fearless leader of Great Commission Women. I'm sure she would appreciate our continued prayers as she recovers from a freak accident. She is God's woman for the job of leading the women of Lafayette Alliance. IMG_2108   And finally, a copy of the workbook we are using in our women's Bible studies, held during Sunday School, Wednesday morning and Thursday night. Studying Sweeter than Chocolate--Psalm 119. One of our attendees is writing the hebrew alphabet, part of the study.photo (2)

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