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Loosen Your Grip

August, and for those who live in New York, September is a
kids leavin moms month... I read a couple of posts mid August when moms I know put their first child on the school bus for the first time. I can still see Lauren looking out the window of the bus eight years ago as the bus chugged up the hill to the next stop. This isn't Lauren, but it is any child who goes to school for the first time. This will be the first year Lauren will not be getting on the bus the first day of school. But every year there have been a few tears as school starts and she is out of my sight for way too many hours. This time of year continues to be a gentle reminder that Rob and I gave her and our other children to the Lord many years ago. I've also had to loosen my grip on Justin as he went to boot camp seven years ago, and again several years later when he was deployed to Iraq. My older daughters are now living together as they work and go to school. We just came from their apartment yesterday where this mother sees all the dangers....isn't that what moms are for? Of course I didn't rain on their parade and point out any of my concerns, I tell those to God and I know He will take care of them. Which brings me to the point of this post...prayer.  As kids grow up there will always be days of leaving. Whether it is the school bus, their first overnight at friends, or having to watch them wheeled into an operating room, or watching them pull out of the driveway with the family car for the first time, there are so many days and nights of watching the back of their heads. I've learned I can't control much...if anything. But I love and trust God so much that I know He is watching and He is in I pray that
  •  God would incline their hearts to His testimonies
  •  their hearts desire would be towards God, that they would be satisfied with God and not the world
  • the eyes of their hearts would be opened
  • they would have pure thoughts and a pure heart
  • they would love God and His glory
If I believe that Jesus died on the cross for my sins, which I do. If I believe He rose from the dead and is sitting at the right hand of His Heavenly Father interceding for me, which I do. Then shouldn't it be easy to believe that He will take care of the children He has given me? So I continue to loosen my grip and hang tightly to God as I pray and trust Him for everything.


  1. Good thoughts, love prayer point number one, incline their hearts to God’s testimonies. One of my favorite verses from Psalm 119, Pray it often. Hope you are doing well, would love to catch up sometime, maybe a fall walk. I am working Tues/ Thurs.

  2. Good reminder, Jody!

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