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Mary or Martha?

            This past weekend I spent time with amazing ladies from our church and district at our fall retreat. One of the challenges was to ask ourself if I am a Mary or Martha. The second question was what can I change in the coming week to spend more intentional time at the feet of Jesus. In reading Matthew 5:1-11 I asked myself the following questions: *Do I recognize how desperately I need God and His help? Matthew 5:3 *Is there a sin/sins in my life I need to mourn over, seeking forgiveness from God? Matthew 5:4 *Am I meek, trusting in the┬ásovereignty of God in my life? Matthew 5:5 *Am I merciful, showing kindness and forgiveness to others as Christ has forgiven me? Matthew 5:7 *Does purity affect every area of my life? Heart, mind and soul? Matthew 5:8 *Do I show the world I value Jesus above everything else, even when persecuted? Matthew 5:10 Is Jesus all I want, more than all in Thee I find?(Charles Wesley hymn) Lord, help me to sit at your feet today and everyday.

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  1. That was a wonderful challenge and of course, God in His humor has given me plenty of opportunity to practice what I learned since I’ve been back! ­čśë

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