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Choosing Gratitude-Your Journey to Joy

I am reading this book and partcipating in a conversation with other women's ministry leaders. NL De Moss is a favorite author of mine and I appreciate the ministry she has had over the years, especially with Revive Our Hearts and The True Woman Movement. In Choosing Gratitude-Your Journey To Joy I have been challenged anew to have a heart of gratitude in the good, but also asking myself if when 'bumped' does gratitude ooze out or whining and complaining. "I have spoken with many women who are chronically unhappy, 'down' or 'depressed. The details and reasons vary, of course. But I have become increasingly convinced, after lots of these kinds of conversations, that one of the chief reasons behind a pervasive sense of blues and blahness is a failure to be thankful." (p. 88) " The thing that awakens the deepest well of gratitude in a human being is that God has forgiven sin." Oswald Chambers Journey closer to the heart of God. Choose Gratitude(backcover) I heartily recommend this book, especially as we approach Thanksgiving. You can purchase the book here
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