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Missing Dad

Yesterday marked seven months of my dad entering eternity where I know he is worshipping his Lord. I’m happy for him but sad for me as I miss him. That said, he was my model to follow in wanting to know Christ. His actions always spoke louder than his words as he followed Christ every day, without pomp and circumstance, as a husband, father and farmer. His Bible was well worn and marked. He was a mentor to not only his family but to all he came into contact with, whether it was his neighbor, church friend, the man on the street who needed a ride, or the couple on the road who needed their flat tire fixed. Thinking of my dad reminds me to look to Christ and to “make it my goal to know Him.”


  1. jeleasure

    Hi Jody,
    I find it fascinating that your father was a farmer. Was he also an evangelsist? Get the association? Fields ripe for harvest?

  2. DolphieGirl

    Lovely sentiments, Jody.

    You just may have something with this blog thingy!

    Kathy P

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