Jody Lynne

Welcome to the online home of Jody Lynne, thank you for taking time out of your hectic schedule to visit where you will find the life of a farmer's daughter intersecting her faith.

You can read all about it in  Confessions of A Farmer's Daughter.

Everyday pursuits include coffee drinking, loving my family and friends, laundry, meals and serving my community. She loves to encourage women to study the Bible for themselves and apply God's Truth to real life;  in the midst of diapers, dishes, dinner and work inside or outside the home.  Long, unhurried chats with family and friends over a cup of hot coffee or lunch is one of her simple joys. She believes the Bible is Truth, trustworthy, showing us who God is, and how who He is, changes everything and changes us.

Jody and her husband make their home in beautiful upstate New York where ordinary life is filled with being a wife, mother, grandmother, friend and sojourner.

My local church is LaFayette Alliance Church

I believe in the Apostle's Creed and my denomination's belief statement found here

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